Telecast Fiber Systems


The T-POV line offers significant improvements in bi-directional fiber optic video and data transceiver technology for robotic point of view HD television cameras. These devices are an outstanding choice for sports, remote broadcasting, security, education or military applications. Each is TelePort™ 3G and TeleThon™ 3G compatible with more flexible and affordable integrated SMPTE hybrid powering options and distributed power supplies. There's now an Ethernet option and the 324 model offers a return HD-SDI option.

As a broadcast link, the T-POV modules have a wide range of applications, from goal cameras, beauty shots, flying viewpoints and long distance remote controlled cameras. With the new T-POV line, components can be mixed and matched to permit many configurations to suit virtually any requirement.

Model options;

    T-POV - 324
  • Bi-directional HD-SDI
  • Bi-directional PAL video
  • Ethernet
  • 4 data channels (RS-232/422/485)
  • 2 GPI
  • 4 Audio Each Way
    T-POV - 301
  • HD-SDI send
  • PAL video return
  • RS-442/485 Data 1
  • RS-232 Data 2
  • Tally/GPI